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Controlled substances include marijuana, pain medication, amphetamines, crack, and cocaine to name just a few.

The sale, delivery, manufacture, or possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance in a serious felony that can result in a prison term and a substantial fine.

A person charged with unlawful possession of a controlled substance may be convicted if he or she is in actual or constructive possession of the drug.  A person not in actual possession, but who knowingly has both the power and the intention to exercise control over a drug, is in constructive possession.

Sometimes when a person is arrested on drug charges, the police will confiscate his or her automobile, money or other property, regardless of whether the owner of the automobile or property is the same person as the person found in possession of the drug.  Under Tennessee law the owner has only thirty days from the date of notice of the seizure to file a claim or the property will be forfeited to the State.  The time limits for filing such a claim and requesting a hearing are short and strictly enforced.

The law prohibits the possession of any controlled substances unless prescribed by a physician.


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