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Criminal Defense is what we do, every day.

Criminal Defense Attorney Michael L. Freeman represents people in criminal matters in federal and state court. Michael understands that being charged with a crime can turn your life upside down and he works to represent your interest in a manner that will protect you.  He provides experienced, knowledgeable, aggressive representation that will defend your rights and help put your life back on track.  Being found guilty or entering a guilty plea can change your life. A criminal record can keep you from getting a job, housing, credit, not to mention the court costs, fines and possibility of going to jail. Michael will work to make the impact less harsh and put you in a position to carry on with your life.

Nashville criminal defense attorney Michael L. Freeman will fight for your rights throughout Nashville and Middle Tennessee. He will investigate your case and offer a thorough analysis of your options and fight endlessly to get you a positive outcome. He has the experience and knowledge to handle your case properly, whether it’s a felony or misdemeanor.

If you don’t fight your case, it can follow you the rest of your life. With the right attorney, it can be handled properly. Michael has helped hundreds of people in your same situation and he can likely help you.

He has the range of knowledge and experience to deal with what you are facing. He has helped other people with case like these:

Narcotics                                        Domestic Violence                           Drug Cases
Trafficking                                       DUI                                                  Weapons Offenses
Drug Crimes                                   Aggravated Assault                           Homicide
Sexual Assault                                Rape                                                 Theft

With the support of an experienced criminal defense attorney, it’s possible to reduce the consequences or even dismiss the criminal charges against you. Michael understands that the consequences of a criminal conviction are life changing, which is why he is dedicated to helping people like you defend their rights and freedoms.

Call Michael L. Freeman today at 615-916-1600 to discuss your case.

Drug Offenses

Nashville Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Attorney

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